10 Habits That You Should Avoid Because They Make You Age Faster

The habits listed below make you look older than you really are:

1. Doing More Things at the Same Time

If you thought that multitasking is good, you were wrong. You cannot finish anything while multitasking and also it produces more stress. Don’t try to accomplish everything at the same time but focus on only one task at a time. Scientists have discovered that constant stress releases free radicals that damage your cell, making you age.

2. Having a Sweet Tooth

Here is sad news if you have a sweet tooth. Desserts not only add extra pounds to your body, but they also add years to your face. You have to consume less sugary treats if you like to keep your skin’s youthful glow. The process known as glycation can make skin lose its radiance and it can result in appearance of dark circles under the eyes, larger pore sizes, wrinkles, etc.

3. Lack of Quality Sleep

Not getting enough sleep not only will leave you with dark bags under the eyes but also may shorten your lifespan. Sleep deprivation may have negative effects on your skin, reducing its elasticity. Additionally, lack of sleep can lead to attention problems, weight gain and mental sluggishness.

4. Watching Too Much Television

Spending too much time in front of the TV may shorten your lifespan and also it can add some extra pounds to your weight. Stop being a couch potato and embrace an active everyday life.

5. Smoking

Smoking has many negative effects on your health, including the skin. Studies have shown that smoking is connected to facial aging.

6. Not Using Sunscreen

Not using sunscreen walking back and forth every day may be even more harmful than one day spent at the beach. Exposing to ultraviolet rays is the biggest cause of early aging. UV rays are still present on cloudy days, so it is better to use sunblock even then.

7. Having Too Much makeup

Makeup can clog skin pores and cause breakouts. Also, skin products with chemicals, alcohol and fragrances could dry the skin, producing wrinkles and premature lines.

8. Sleeping With Your Head in the Pillow

Here is one odd fact: Sleeping with your face in the pillow can cause wrinkles and premature aging. According to dermatologists, connective tissue and collagen in the face becomes weaker with age.

9. Eating Fat Free Food

Some fat is necessary for a youthful skin. Include good fats like omega 3 that is found in salmon and mackerel and some nuts like walnuts and flax seed to keep your skin flexible and soft. Omega 3 fatty acid food prevents appearance of wrinkles and improves heart and brain health.

10. Not Using Eye Cream

Using eye cream should be part of your usual skin care routine. Because skin around eyes is gentler than the rest of the face, it ages faster. Therefore, moisturizing skin around eyes increases creation of collagen and elastin that helps in tightening the skin.

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