15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Good manners depict proper and polite behavior. The principles are simple and the code involves proper speech and vocabulary, common courtesy, restraining emotions, neat and clean appearance.

Here are some of the most significant etiquette rules that should be followed by you all:

1. When your friend greets someone with Hello, you are supposed to say Hello too, no matter if you know the people.

2. Don’t keep your phone or tablet on the table while you are out with friends because it shows that it is more important than the meeting itself. Checking your Facebook account or looking at the phone/tablet all the time would offend your friends.

3. Sushi can be eaten with the hands, even though many people think it must be eaten with chopsticks.

4. Don’t go out with a woman if you spend the whole night calling or texting someone.

5. Thank people to show appreciation whenever they help you. Also, don’t take their help for granted.

6. Men should never carry the woman’s bag, although they may take their coat and leave it in the cloakroom.

7. Go out with your friends and spend time with them instead spending too much time on a empty conversation on the phone.

8. Don’t laugh or talk too loudly. Also, staring at people is extremely rude.

9. Car drivers should know they need to be careful and not splash pedestrians with water.

10. When you are at the cinema, in a concert or a theatre, go to your seat while facing people sitting.

11. When your apology is accepted, try not to repeat the same incident again.

12. Men that are polite show great respect to any women.

13. Age, religion, medical problems, gifts, family quarrels, wealth, affairs, honor, and disgrace are the 9 things that should be kept secret.

14. Don’t be only one to follow a fashion trend because it can look ridiculous, even though you may think it is fashionable.

15. No matter of your status, age, or profession, you must greet everyone when you enter a room.

These etiquette rules should be followed in order to make the world a better place. For some, it may be hard or may need some time, but you will perfectly learn them if you are patient.

Good manners never go out of style and it will be a great characteristic of your personality.

Article source: www.mycentralhealth.com

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