They Have 213 Years Together – the Husband Is 108, the Wife 105, and They Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage!

Duranord Veillard and Jeanne have the longest marriage. He is 109 years old, and she is 105. They got together when Roosevelt became president. They never thought they both would live this long and spend the rest of their lives together.

This couple has had 1968, after Duranord had lost his job as a judge and had been awarded a visa to visit the United States, so they moved there and settled in Spring Valley. He stayed and worked there for ten years and then retired. Now they live with their daughter Marie Veillard.

Duranord explains what the secret to their long-lasting love and happiness is. Also, he discovers how they managed to stay calm and happy. This year they celebrated 82 years of marriage. Also, they celebrated their birthdays in the closest circles of their family.

Duranord is known as a virtuous and honorable man. Their son, 62 says that his father can remember every detail of his life and tell them all about their memories.

When Jeanne Veillard was asked how she met her husband, she replied that it happened in the street. They have lived to have 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Even now, every morning when Veillard wakes up at 5, he works out. After the 5-7 push-ups he drinks a cup of tea, eats his oatmeal and fresh fruit, and then he can start the day. The couple usually has fish and fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner, and then they go to bed pretty early.

The couple spends their time mostly indoors because they cannot walk without assistance, and they only leave their house when they need to see the doctor.

The couple is looking forward to celebrate another landmark in their life.

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