7 Great Reasons to Fart Without Holding Back

Farting is not a comfortable topic among people. Most of them feel embarrassed when it occurs because the smell cannot be hidden. Anyway, we all do that and it is a normal bodily function. Also, you are about to learn why not holding it back is healthy for you. You should not be embarrassed about it because not only it is normal, but also gas can tell some important information about your body.

Early warning signals

You cannot rid yourself of gas completely. That is not bad because farts can tell a lot about the health. Farts are early warning signals for several health problems. If you experience strong smells high frequency, or unusual pain, discuss it with your doctor because they can be signs of serious illness.

Farts reduce bloating

After consuming a heavy meal and it has to be digested all at once, the body stores excess water and the intestines produce excess gas. Letting your gasses loose will make you feel way better and your jeans will be easier to button.

Fart smell is good for you

Smelling your farts is healthy and studies have proved that. There are ingredients in your gas that protect you from harmful disease. Hydrogen sulfide is the chemical that gives the rotten egg smell to some gas. The chemical is poisonous in high doses, but in small amounts is protects your cells and prevents heart attack and stroke.

It can help sort out your nutritional needs

Your gas can tell what your diet is missing. Different types of food create different types of gas and it can indicate whether you eat too much or too little of something. Having gas rarely shows that you probably are lacking in fiber. Whole grains, green vegetables, and lentils are good sources of fiber. Consuming too much red meat can cause bad smell and may indicate that you should consume less steaks and burgers.

Farts signify healthy bacteria

Thinner people tooth more often because they eat healthy and have higher intakes of fiber and eat more fruits and vegetables that boost their digestion. This food gives your gut bacteria more to work with and gives your digestive tract more practice that can lead to more gas production.

Intestines are healthy

It’s not very healthy to always hold your gas in. Your intestinal activity can be affected and you may experience painful cramping if you are constantly holding back. Relax and let it all out.

Feels good

You must admit that letting it loose feels good. After reading this article you have no reason to hold it in, so just let it out.

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