7 Weird Things That Happen When You Send a Text

The sound of the incoming text has become impossible to ignore, since the time when sending SMS was the standard up to today when we have countless ways to deliver text messages. Sending or receiving a text message can put a smile on your face that can last for the rest of the day.
Bordering on addiction, we humans crave social interaction. And that is not a bad thing as we all know that sharing information is what made us successful as a species and it’s undoubtedly our strongest trait.
But some interesting side effects have been noticed that are almost exclusive to text messaging and this article will address just that.

1. Watch your step
We all know that texting and driving are a big NO NO and can lead to accidents, but is that exclusive only to driving? A study, published in Gait and Posture, claims that if texting a person tends to waver left and right up to 61% more often and they reduced their speed by one third and often walking past their destination. In the world of today when every person is rushing and people try to multitask, we tend to notice an increase in accidents that happen because of not paying the attention needed. Walking and texting related visits to the ER are rising exponentially as recorded by numerous data surveys and studies.

2. A message a day keeps the doctors away
A simple “Hi” or “How are you” message can act as a cure for a lot of depression related issues. Even if the message is automated, it has been proven to help people. To that regard, a new kind of therapy is on the rise where the therapist exchanges texts with patients in their time of need and making remarkable success in the treatment of people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or addiction, as stated in a study in the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing.

3. You can do it
We all know that when exercising, it is often recommended to have a buddy that is cheering you on. As we can’t always have someone to do that, you can always exchange texts with a certain somebody to encourage/challenge them with your fitness achievements as in to pass the ball into their own court.

4. Honestly
Even the most honest person will be hard-pressed to write the truth when messaging because sometimes the white lie can be saving you time and effort, and when it is related to feeling, over 80% of the time people avoid talking or lie. And if a business deal is involved, the salesman is 95% more inclined to lie to the buyer compared when the same conversation is made by video chat. But the fisherman’s tales are lots of times the thing that makes the conversation enjoyable, but it doesn’t hurt to take everything with a grain of salt.

5. Matchmaker/Matchbreaker
In the last decade uncountable relationships have started, were saved or fell apart because of text messages. As a great way to “break the ice”, a text message is what a letter was in the past (if we exclude the delivery time and reliability and let’s not forget the handwriting) you may be shy but texting can make sure you say the words you want to say a lot easier. Even in existing relationships being shy can prevent you from sharing your thoughts for better or for worse and in most cases it solidified the relationship, but in others there was oversharing and texting to the borderline of harassment that ended the relationship rather than saving it.

6. A pain in the neck… like literally
We all sometimes do not realize that our posture during texting is not optimal as we look at the phone by bending our neck forward and after some time we feel neck pain because we put roughly five times more pressure on our upper spine than normal so the solution is to raise the phone to eye level or to just lower our eyes only. But remember you can always text your significant someone for a neck massage.

7. Endnote
To end this article I can only say “With great power comes great responsibility”.
Texting and any communication technology are neither good nor bad. It is up to the user to decide what to make of it. And remember, although with the internet we are never truly alone, but make sure to socialize outside the net as well.

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