8 Brilliant Beach Tips and Tricks: Lemonade In a Bag, Baby Powder to Easily Remove Sand… You Will Love Number 6!

Going to the beach is always accompanied by the boring arrangement of towels, water, and sunscreen in the bag. And, of course things are much more complicated when you have children because you need to carry a ton of toys, food, and juices.

However, thanks to this article you will be able to try some tricks during your vacation in order to make it simpler and more fun.

1. Make aloe vera ice cubes

These cubes will be a great relief if you accidentally get sunburnt. All you need to do is mash fresh aloe vera in a bowl, so it extracts its juice. Place the resulted juice in an ice cube trays and freeze it. You can apply the resulted aloe vera ice cubes onto the burnt area and ease the irritated skin.

2. Lemonade to go

Prepare lemonade in a big bowl and then pour the juice in several plastic bags with zip lock. Keep them in the fridge until you go to the beach. Don’t forget straws for complete pleasure.

3. Take a pool for the kids

When having small children, you are concerned for their safety all the time. That is why you can take small kids’ swimming pool where they can play, and more importantly to be safe.

4. Use plastic bowls for your snacks

Snack bags can take too much space in your bag, so you can replace them in plastic bowls and save space. Empty coffee bottles can be perfect for this purpose.

5. Freeze a bottle of water

Put a bottle of water in the freezer in the evening, and take it with you in the morning. This way you will have cold water for a longer period, even if you are in the sun all the time.

6. Make fruit sticks

Instead buying food while on the beach or going to the store all the time, you can make fruit sticks and have a healthy, delicious and handy snack.

7. Take baby powder

Apply some baby powder on your feet and hands and you will remove sand easier. This is a very simple and effective trick.

8. Take a sheet for the inflatable beach mattress

This is an amazing trick! Place the sheet over the mattress and secure the ends with your bags, coolers, sun umbrella or anything else. You will get a great fence for the kids and a space without sand where you can eat in peace.

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