Bet You Didn’t Know These Tape Measure Features Actually Serve A BRILLIANT Purpose, Especially The Last One!

There are some features of a tape measure that you may have never noticed, or maybe you did notice but didn’t know what they are for.

No matter if the measure tape is plastic or metal; all the features are the same.

Pull the tape measure out and the first thing you will notice is the slot on the end. Well, it is not a design, it is actually a feature. It is a nail and screw grab. You put the slot right over the nail and it secures the tape in place. So, of you are by yourself and you have someone to hold the other end of the tape, the nail grab at the end holds the tape for you so you can make that measurement. You can use a screw or a nail, it does not really matter, it secures the tape.

The next design feature is the serrated edge at the bottom of the hook. The reason for that is that it is a scribing tool. Now what happens a lot of times, you use a tape measure right and you don’t have a pencil handy. Well, that scribing tool at the end of the hook will help you mark the material you are working on. What you do is just wanna scrape it back and forth and it will leave a mark.

Let’s move to another feature. The hook at the beginning of the tape move back and forth and that is by design. If you take a look at the first inch on the tape measure, you will see that it is not a full inch. The difference is, believe it or not, a 16th of an inch. The first inch of this tape measure is short by 16th of an inch. So, the thickness of the hook is a 16th of an inch. So, when you make a measurement from an inside corner, it takes into consideration the space.

Place a tape measure on an outside edge. Hold the hood in place and you will see it can move. What happens is it creates space there. As we already mentioned, that space is 16th of an inch, so you will be able to get accurate measurements.

And finally, at the base of every tape measure is a number that tells the base inches in length.

What are all these features present? The reason is that it helps you get inside measurements.

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