Chinese Face Reading: What Does Your Face Reveal about You and Your Future?

Chinese face reading exists around thousands of years.

Face reading offers a system to analyse the different features in faces. It can tell you about character, the past, present and future.

If you want to read your own face, look into a mirror in a well-lit room. It’s important to see your face clearly.

Chinese Face Reading What Does Your Face Reveal about You and Your Future

Facial zones

  1. There are three zones on your face: from the top of your forehead to the top of the eyebrow is the upper zone; from the eyebrow to the tip of your nose is the middle zone; and from the nose to the chin is the lower zone.
  2. Your youth is represented through the upper zone and refers to the senior generation. Your middle age and your own personal life are represented with the middle zone; the lower zone represents your later years and the younger generation.
  3. If the upper zone is the widest area of the all three, it indicates that you have had a very happy childhood. A very big lower zone indicates your life will be much better in your later years. Most people’s middle zone is the largest area.
  4. Imagine a vertical line down the middle of your face. The left side of your face is considered yang and the right side yin. If you’re a woman, the left side of the face relates to men and the right to yourself. For men, it’s the other way around.

?Facial features

  1. The forehead point out to your
  1. The eyes indicate the spirit of the face and the state of your mind. Are your eyes clear and bright or are they dark and tired? Chinese doctors that practise traditional Chinese medicine diagnose some illnesses using the eyes because they reflect your energy.
  2. How far apart are your eyes? If you imagine that you can put one eye’s width between your two eyes, then you have a normal eyes space. People with bigger eyes space tend to be very cool and relaxed. People smaller eyes space tend to be very focused.
  3. The nose bridge represents health, while the tip represents wealth. According to face reading, big noses are a sign of health and vitality.
  4. Relationships are reflected through the shape of the lips. People with thin, narrow lips are usually argumentative, whereas people with well-shaped, round lips are much more charming in their conversation.
  5. A firm chin that slightly turns up will help a person hang on to his wealth.

Facial shapes

There are five basic face shapes:

  1. The round face is known as a water-shape face. People who have water-shape faces tend to be flexible and adjustable. They have a strong urge for power and money but are also sympathetic.
  2. Long, thin faces are known as a wood-shape face. These people tend to be a little lonely, ambitious and want to succeed.
  3. Faces with pointed chins are considered to have fire-shape face. These people can be quite hot-tempered and fiery. However, they can be extremely strong, with a lot of physical courage.
  4. An earth-shape faces are very full faces that are slightly wide. People with this face are steady and calm, but they can also be quite aggressive and secretive.
  5. Face that is squarer than anything else is called a metal-shape face. These people have strength, stability and fighting spirit. People with metal faces are well-balanced.

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