Chronic Gastritis Symptoms. Get Rid of the Severe Pain Permanently with Only 1 Ingredient

Swelling or inflammation of the stomach lining is caused by chronic gastritis. If having this condition, you might feel full after eating a few bites. Chronic gastritis may be painless or cause you constant stomach pain.

Sometimes, chronic gastritis is connected with ulcers and may increase the risk for stomach cancer.

Gastric Pain

What causes Chronic Gastritis?

Different medications and conditions can irritate the stomach lining, leading to chronic gastritis. Examples include:

– long-term use of certain medications (aspirin and ibuprofen)

– excessive alcohol consumption

– bacteria that cause stomach ulcers (H. pylori)

– certain illnesses (kidney failure)

– a viral infection in a weakened immune system

– persistent, intense stress

– bile flowing into the stomach (called bile reflux)

If your lifestyle and dietary habits raise the acidic content of your stomach, you are at great risk for this condition. If you eat large amounts of fats, oils and citrus fruits and drink a lot of coffee very often, there is greater risk for chronic gastritis.

Stress or traumatic experience can increase the acid amount in your stomach.

What are the symptoms of Chronic Gastritis?

People may have this condition and not experience any symptoms. But, these are the symptoms for those who experience them:

upper abdominal pain

indigestion or bloating

nausea and vomiting


loss of appetite or weight loss

In extreme cases, some people experience stomach bleeding or black stool. If you have black stool, vomit blood or persistent stomach ache, seek treatment immediately.

How is Chronic Gastritis diagnosed?

The doctor would like to know about your medical history and symptoms. Some tests might be necessary, like:

– a stomach ulcer bacteria test

– a stool test to look for stomach bleeding

– a blood count and an anemia test

– an endoscopy (a stomach exam using a camera attached to a long tube that is inserted into your mouth and down into your digestive tract)

How Is this condition treated?


Medications for reducing stomach acid may be prescribed by your doctor. The most common medicines are antacids, H2 antagonists, and proton-pump inhibitors. Reducing some medicines, like aspirin, is suggested in order to ease stomach irritation.


A mild diet may be recommended by your doctor to reduce stomach irritation.
You should avoid these foods:

fried foods

French fries or other vegetables fried in oil

citrus juices



These are the foods that are recommended:

all vegetables and fruits, except citrus fruits

low-fat dairy products

lean meats

pasta and rice prepared with little or no fat

What can be expected after a certain period of time?

If the problem for chronic gastritis is triggered by an acidic diet, not consuming certain foods and taking medications can put the symptoms under control. You will get rid of the condition, but it will return again if you start consuming acidic food again.

How can this condition be prevented?

Observing your diet and stress levels will help prevent gastritis. Also, limited alcohol and aspirin consumption will help with prevention too.

Natural Remedy for Gastic Pain and Acid Reflux

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