Cure Ear Infection with This Simple Unbelievable Remedy

Many people avoid using antibiotics and try using natural methods to strength their systems. So, they use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics and other natural methods.

This article includes a simple, but unbelievable natural remedy for ear infection.

Cure Ear Infection with This Simple Unbelievable Remedy

Natural remedy for ear infection with urine

It is very easy, but it may turn your stomach at the thought. And, it includes urine.

People experiencing ear infection know how much painful it can be. So, they would try any remedy just to get rid of the pain. Many have tried it and it worked for them.

First, you can try with applying 2-3 drops of your own urine, but if the pain comes back soon, try with some more urine and 2-3 drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball. Also, use a duct tape to keep the cotton from falling out. You will feel much better.

This remedy with urine, basil oil and cotton ball is simple and cheap too.

What is urine therapy and how does it work?

For urine therapy, you use your own urine externally or internally to promote or maintain your health.

It has been scientifically proven that urine is not a toxic waste product. 95% of the urine is water, while 2.5% consists of urea and the other 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt, enzymes and hormones. Urine is a healthy substance that includes harmless and nourishing components.

When large amounts of the substance urea are present in blood, it can be poisonous. Anyway, this is irrelevant in the urine treatment when used internally because urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. When urea gets back in the body, it acts as a purifying factor and cleans the excess mucus. Also there are many other useful effects.

When applied to the skin, urine has wonderful healing and tonifying effect. Urea is part of many skin products, especially in many women cosmetics.

Moreover, urine is completely sterile after secretion and has antiseptic effect. However, this cannot be said about people who use chemical drugs or allopathic medicines.

What are the effects of urine therapy?

If urine is ingested or rubbed into the skin, it can purify blood and tissues, offers useful nutrients and tells the body what is in and out of balance.

This kind of therapy has been helpful in many various diseases, including cold, throat ache, tuberculosis, asthma, itching, eczema psoriasis, and even skin cancer.

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