Do You Believe in Reincarnation? Before You Dismiss the Idea Read about These Cases of Supposed Reincarnation (Video)

Reincarnation is a few religions’ cornerstone. On the other side, it is completely denied from scientists.

However, several studies in science journals have talked about the possibility of reincarnation.

Here are some scientific evidences in the studies that give credibility to this concept.

Young girl is waking up again. When the soul leaves the body
Young girl is waking up again. When the soul leaves the body

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Repeating Birth Marks

People in Cambodia and Myanmar firmly believe in reincarnation because their religion clearly states so. Family members from these countries mark a certain area on their dead so that their reincarnated form is born within their family.

A boy in Myanmar was born 11 months after his grandfather died. Also, he had a birthmark on the same place where his grandfather’s dead body was marked. When this boy was 2 years old he began to call his grandmother by her full name and no one in the family used to do it before. That made his relatives think that the child was a reincarnation of his grandfather.

Regression Episodes

A nurse who worked at a hospital was treated by Brian Weiss, a prominent psychiatrist. During their sessions, the nurse talked about an event from a past life in excruciating detail. The doctor was amazed when his patient assumed the role of a woman hiding from a hunting party.

This woman’s baby, who had a birthmark in the shape of a crescent beneath his right shoulder, was crying a lot and she couldn’t keep him quiet. She unintentionally smothered her son when he started to cry out spontaneously as she was trying not to be found by the hunting party.

Several months after the session, the nurse became close with a patient with frequent asthma attacks. She was shocked when she noticed that the same patient had a crescent-shaped birthmark beneath his right shoulder.

Dr. Weiss insists asthma attacks are connected with people who have memories of being suffocated in a past life.


Several people have experienced the phenomenon of xenoglossy. In it, people seem to speak a real language they learned a little or not at all.

There has been a case of a woman who assumed to be a Swedish peasant named Jensen Jacoby. Although she never learnt Swedish, she answered to the investigator’s several questions in Swedish with a flawless accent.

One more case of reincarnation. The video below presents you a boy with a remarkable story. Ryan, who is 10 years old, claims that he used to be somebody else. His nightmares began when he was 4. This is his story.


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