Does a Dead Loved One Ever ”Visit” You In a Dream? Here’s What It Means..

Does a Dead Loved One Ever ''Visit'' You In a Dream? Here’s What It Means..

Nobody knows what happens after death. Are our dead loved ones near us and can we meet them in our dreams? If you have been visited by a deceased relative in your dreams, you might have experienced a “visitation dream”.

These dreams are mysterious and some people believe they are sending some signals. Some of the common characteristics of the visitation dreams are the physical features of the departed person during the dream and the emotions you feel during the visitation dream.

Often, the deceased appears younger and healthier than before they pass away. They send the message that your beloved ones are OK and still near you. These dreams are clear, powerful and experienced as actual visits.

In the video below, Lauri Moore discusses visitation dreams. Moore is a professional psychic medium and teaches you how to tell if you are being visited.

Lauri says that when a deceased relative comes to you in your dreams, it is an actual visitation. That is them coming to visit you, to give you a message. This message can mean anything: it could mean that they wanted just to tell you they are OK, that they made it to the other side without any issues, or maybe they wanted to give you a warning. And, if that happens, usually your deceased loved one will come to you in a way that is different from their normal characteristics. Also, when you dream about someone you love and has passed away, it could just be them saying “I love you and I am here to support you”.

Try and remember your dreams, and if you don’t or you haven’t been dreaming about your deceased relatives, you can put a note or their photo under your pillow that will relly help you open your energy and have them come through.

The reasons why we don’t dream about our deceased relatives is because maybe we are still grieving and it is just not time, or you are, and you just don’t remember.

Dreams can be very powerful, and they are a very powerful way to communicate with the other side, says Moore.

Video source: Lauri Moore


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