THIS Is What the Doodles That You Draw Without Thinking Say About You

We all do this without realizing it, but drawing doodles actually tells us a lot about our personality and mood. There are many different shapes, designs, and colors of doodles, but the one you are going to read about are quite common, and thus more easily interpreted. Here is what your doodles mean:


Drawing an upwards arrow means you are people-oriented. Drawing the arrows downwards means you are self-focused. If you draw the arrows leftwards – it means that you are stuck in the past, while drawing them rightwards, it means that you are happy and excited for what is about to come.


Drawing flowers expresses that you are happy with the things that are happening in your life and you love dreaming of pleasant things.


Drawing stars means that you love standing out from the crowd and being centre of attention.


Drawing the same animal time after time means that you identify with it.

Circles and Rings

Drawing circles and rings means that you are lonely and feel cut off from the world.

Wavy Lines

If you draw this, it means that other people’s problems don’t bother you much.

Squares and Diamonds

Drawing these shapes means that you have clear goal and you never hide your opinion. You are persistent and stubborn.


Drawing people expresses that your emotional state is unstable and you want to hide away and isolate yourself from other people.

Beehive Patterns

Drawing a beehive pattern means that you are striving for harmony and you want to start a family.

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