Eliminate Lower Back Pain in 1 Minute

The following exercises are very simple, but very effective too. Performing them will help you ease your pain in the lower back. You will feel like resting, but in fact you are moving, which is good for your back. The exercises will strengthen the back, stomach, and leg muscles. Your spine will be supported, and so the back pain is relieved.

These extra simple exercises won’t take you much time too. Performing the three exercises won’t last more than a minute.

Eliminate Lower Back Pain in 1 Minute

Consult your health care professional before doing any of these exercises because some of them may not be recommended for the cause and intensity of your pain.

1. First, lie on your stomach and then prop yourself up on your forearms. Press firmly through your palms and the tops of your feet. Push your pubic bone forward. By doing this exercise, you are allowing blood flow into the lower back for healing. Do this exercise twice for 8 seconds.

2. Lie on your back and bend your knees, just your heels on the floor. Then, push your heels into the floor and squeeze your buttocks. Raise your hips off the floor until shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line. Hold about 8 seconds, and then slowly lower hips to the floor. Repeat the exercise twice.

3. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Place your feet flat on the floor. Use your both hands to pull up your knees and press them to your chest. Hold for 8 seconds. Return to the starting position and then repeat the same exercise. Doing this move twice for 8 seconds is enough.

Video Source: 1MinuteExercises

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