Forget Botox! Natural Cure that Wipes Out Wrinkles Fast!

Regardless of your age, whether you are 35 and you start to notice the first signs of aging, or you are 55 and your skin is revealing your age, seeking ways to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles is your priority.

In the same time, experts claim that many don’t get to win in the wrinkle battle, watching how the time leaves marks on their skin.

Unfortunately, wrinkles are inevitable part of life. Therefore, we persistently try to fight them by using numerous face creams, methods, and cosmetic treatments. However, even the most expensive face products cannot guarantee a complete riddance of these skin imperfections, especially because the skin has the ability to quickly get used to the ingredients contained in purchased face creams and does not always respond to them as expected.

But you can always make your own cream and will know for sure what ingredients you have used and how effective they are.

We recommend that you take the time to prepare this cream which is ideal product for skin care because it hydrates the skin, evens out the skin complexion, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, and slows down the skin aging process. It is made from entirely natural ingredients and it is safe to use. It can be applied to all types of skin. The results are visible in only 7 days. Those of you, who love your skin and treat it with respect, will definitely fall in love with this natural face product.

You will need:

– 1 tablespoon almond or olive oil

– 1 yolk

– 1 teaspoon honey

– 2 teaspoons pharmaceutical Vaseline


– Melt the pharmaceutical Vaseline on steam for several minutes.

– Remove from heat and add the rest of the ingredients: honey, yolk, and oil.

– Stir all the ingredients well for several minutes until you get a homogenous mass.

– Pour the mixture into a container or you can use a box from a face cream you’ve already used (50 ml).


Clean your skin thoroughly before you apply the cream. Then take a small amount and with circular and slow moves massage your skin. After 30 minutes, remove the excess face cream either with a cotton pad soaked in mineral (sparkling) water or with a face wet wipe.


For best results the cream needs to be absorbed in the skin longer than an hour, so don’t apply it right before you go to bed.

Keep the cream in a refrigerator.

Do not make another dose of this cream if you still have cream left. All the ingredients are natural and can go bad if they sit for long period of time.

Go ahead and try it and you will be surprised how effective it is.


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