Healthy Foods that Are Consumed and Cooked the Wrong Way. You Will Be Surprised!

Healthy diet includes different products that contain numerous nutritional benefits and help the right work of metabolism. But very often those products are not cooked the right way, so we lose great amount of the nutritional value.

We will discover the most common mistakes while preparing food.


Wrong: Preparing it in the microwave or boiling it.

Solution: Steaming the vegetable will keep all the nutrients.

Steaming vegetables is a great idea and an excellent way to prepare vegetables. It’s particularly healthy because you don’t need any fat to steam it. And unlike boiling or frying, the heat of steam helps vegetables keep their nutrients and flavor.


Wrong: Eating raw tomato.

Solution: Heat it. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant – lycopene, tomatoes reduce heart attack risks, but also help in prostate cancer fight. The level of lycopene increases while tomatoes are heated. Best results are given if tomatoes are cooked with olive oil. Studies that have proved this change the notion that cooked fruits and vegetable have less nutritional value.

Frozen Products

Wrong: Don’t buy frozen products.

Solution: Start using frozen food. Many people think only fresh products are healthy. However, British scientist found out that frozen fruit and vegetable also have high level of antioxidants, including polyphenols, vitamin C and beta-carotene.


Wrong: Cutting it before eating.

Solution: Eat the whole strawberries because they contain 8-12% more vitamin C than sliced fruit. While cutting, vitamin C is exposed to light and oxygen so it loses its value. Strawberries should be kept in the freezer.

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