How To Remove A Ring That Is Stuck On Your Finger

If you have a stuck ring, here is one trick that will help you remove it. To do it, you will need a dental floss and a safety pin. Scientists say that dental floss both lubricates and compresses your finger and it is also used to gently pull the ring off.

Take some dental floss and lineup it alongside the ring. Using a safety pin push the floss under and through the other side of the ring. Be careful not to poke yourself. Once you see the floss, pull the floss through, so that you have about six inches on the wrist side and two feet on the finger side.

Hold the six inch side under your thumb to keep it in place. Wrap the first couple of wraps close to the ring. The more stuck the ring, the more wraps and the closer the wraps are together the better. Using a little bit of soap will also help. Wind the floss tight.

At the end of the floss create a loop and tuck the end under the loop to secure it. Grab the 6 inch end and pull it towards the fingertip and slowly unwind the floss. You will see the ring slowly walk down the finger and eventually slide off.

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