If You Notice A Woman With This Tattoo, THIS Is What It Means..

You can never comfort a woman who has miscarried, no matter how you explain it, rationalize it, or use catchy phrases like “It wasn’t meant to be”.

Miscarriage is a huge loss that women will never be moved on from. Joan Bremer was just 7 weeks at her first pregnancy when she suffered a miscarriage. Her form of remembering is with a symbolic tattoo that takes the form of a silhouette of the pregnant woman and the child inside her. She says that she wanted to remember it in some way, although it was a painful time.

Joan hopes the tattoo will help other women going through what she did. Losing a baby, even if it is early in pregnancy, is just so difficult, she says.

The tattooed line connects the heart of mother and child, forming a potent meaning with a very simple design. Women love this tattoo for honoring their lost baby and admire those women who have decided to use the ink as a strong and positive way of dealing with the loss.

If you see a woman with a tattoo like this, you will know she has suffered and chose to symbolize the loss in a powerful manner. Also, these women show that the experience will always be with her.

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