If You Notice Your Dog Doing THIS It Could Reveal Something Really Amazing

It might be very important information to know what our dog thinks and feels, and understand why it barks at the vacuum cleaner or hides in the corner, but unfortunately we don’t have those powers.

However, the new findings and developments in the science of dog communication help us to notice if our dog loves us.

Those studies are based on the deep relation of dogs and humans through the history, and they have found out that dogs have certain powers of enhanced physical senses, and have developed unique ways of expressing their love for humans.

If You Notice Your Dog Doing THIS It Could Reveal Something Really Amazing

The signs are not always obvious, but here are some tips that will help you recognize the tiny signs that prove your dog’s love for you:

1. Staring directly into your eyes

Brian Hare, a well-known dog expert, says that when your dog looks you in the eyes, he is “hugging you with his eyes.” When you two play with one another, there is a release of the hormone called oxytocin, the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies.

Your dog won’t respond like this if you try to test this and start staring at him. But if you play with him, like you normally do, and maintain eye contact with him during your normal routines, you will feel the love in his look.

2. Yawning when you yawn

As we all know, yawning is contagious, but when your dog is yawning at the same time as you, it means that the dog has bonded with you. The study also notes that dogs were more likely to yawn when their owners yawned, as opposed to a stranger.

3. Leaning on you

Not always when your dog leans on you means that he wants you to do something, or take him somewhere. Sometimes it just means that he feels safe next to you, asks for your protection but also a symbol of affection.

4. Cuddling with you after a meal

This is a strong sign that your dog loves you. Scientists have found that once a dog eats all its food, his next action can signify what’s most important to him besides eating.

5. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows

Facial expressions are very important indicators, not only the dog’s tail.

In an experiment, dogs were introduced to their parent, a stranger, a dog toy, and an item they didn’t like.

The dogs showed their affection through facial expressions.

When seeing their parent, the dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows (especially their left). They showed no facial movement, or lifted the right brow when they saw a stranger.

When they saw an item they knew and liked, the dogs shifted their left ear back. They moved the right ear when they saw the item they didn’t like.

6. Watching you leave calmly

If your dog is calm when he is watching you leave, it means that he loves and trusts you, he know that you will return. If your dog panics when you leave the house, it is a sign of separation anxiety, not love and affection.

7. Freaking out when you return

If your dog is jumping all over the place and he wags his tail, it is a sure sign that he is extremely happy that you are back. You should feel special. Your dog loves you!

8. Sleeping in your room

If your dog wants to sleep in your bed, it is a good sign of loyalty and he definitely loves you.

9. Bringing you his favorite toy

If your dog brings you his toy, it doesn’t just mean your dog wants to play. It is a sign that he accepts you as his leader and wants to please you by sharing his favorite toy with you.

10. Enjoying your love

Dogs can sense if you love them or not.

If you don’t love them, they won’t share their love with you!

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