Just Put Butter And Sugar In The Microwave: You’ll Be IMPRESSED!

If one of your favorite deserts and flavors is caramel, continue reading. This article provides you a quick and easy recipe to make a caramel block at home. You will love and enjoy the result.

Here is how to make it?

Take a bowl and place half a cup of corn syrup in it. Then add a quarter cup of melted butter, half a cup of sweetened condensed milk, a quarter teaspoon of salt just to enhance the flavor, half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of brown sugar.

You need the brown sugar, so it is highly recommended to use it. Use a whisk and mix well all the ingredients in the bowl, until everything is completely combined.

Once it is mixed through, place the mixture into the microwave on high heat and leave it there for six minutes. But every two minutes take it out and give it a very good stir.

Next, take a baking dish and line the base with some non-stick baking paper and left some overhang as it makes it easier to pick it up.

Be extremely careful because it is very hot. Then, pour the caramel onto the base. Make sure you wash the bowl straight away otherwise you will have problems washing it later on.

Let the caramel cool down for a couple of hours and then place it in the fridge for a couple of more hours and then it will be ready.

Take it out of the fridge and it is set. Then you have a lovely block of caramel. Use a warm knife and start making slices.

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