Look At Your Palm And Find Out What It Means When You Have a Triangle Or Star, And What If You Have a Diamond! (A PHOTO)

Take a close look at your palm and you will find some forms. Although they are not exactly correct, they still must be visible.

These shapes and symbols on the palm have specific meaning. Vedic readings of the lines on the palm give answers and reveals a person’s real and best features. The forms appear in triangles, stars, diamonds, trident, a crescent, sickle, baptism, and fish.

These are their meanings:


If there is a triangle on your palm, it means that you possess a special talent. More triangles, small and large mean that you have more talents. If the triangles are clearer and more distinct, you can become famous and socially respected.

Also, if your line of destiny constitutes one of the triangle’s line, it means that success is part of your destiny.



The star form can be found at the ends of some of the striking lines and includes more small lines that meet in one place. People with this specific symbol on their palm possess specific and powerful abilities. Moreover, if it is formed below the line of the heart, it means that the person has incredible power or skills. If it is located on the top line of life, under the index finger, this person has wonderful mental skills, and is dedicated to science, philosophy or religion.


People with diamond form on the palm are adventurous and nothing can stop them. They are always attracted to the unknown.

Additionally, these people are surprisingly courageous. They are reckless because they strive towards reaching answers. These people are explorers who like to take risks, which are worth it.


This fish form is similar to the diamond form. It has a triangle below that is smaller to the turbot and represents a fishtail. People with this symbol on their palm are very religious.

Half moon

If you have 2 lines that together make a clear crescent shape, you have a very interesting gift. You can predict the future because of your strong intuition, which can be scary at times.


Some of the great lines branches off into three parts. People with this symbol have some kind of protection in their life. The clearer the form is, the stronger and more comprehensive the protection is.

People with just one clear trident on the big line have heavenly protection and nothing can hurt them.

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