Make Holes In A Banana Peel With A Needle: The Results Will Absolutely Amaze You And Your Friends!

Sometimes, preparation of food can be critical. Anyway, the end product is worth the cutting vegetables or peeling their skin, but unfortunately it takes time.

Luckily, some people have thought of easing these preparation processes and came up with a better way. The time of preparation is halved, saving you time and a chance to concentrate on more important things.

Here are six little tricks you can use in the kitchen.

Peeling Eggs

Peeling hard boiled eggs doesn’t always have to be a pain in the neck. Place the egg in a glass jar and then add around ¼ of water in it. Then shake. When the egg bounces off the sides of the jar, its eggshell will start to crack and peel.

The water inside the jar eases the peeling and removes small shell bits. When you remove the egg out of the jar, the shells that are still present on the egg will come right off easily. It is that easy to remove.

Peeling Garlic

You can easily and simply peel a garlic bulb. Place a garlic bulb in a small to medium sized glass jar. Then, shake the jar dynamically and you will notice the outside peel slowly break apart and peel off.

Remove the contents after the garlic is broken apart. You will see that the peel is separated and the cloves remain. Now, put the cloves back in the jar, clove the lid and do the same process. This way you will remove the peel from each clove.

Then you’ve got beautiful little garlic cloves.

Peeling a Kiwi

Kiwi can be difficult to peel because of its softness. Anyway, there is a trick that will help you with it. Cut the kiwi in half. Then, take the one half in your hand, press it on the edge of a drinking glass and then slide up against the back of the skin all the way up until the skin is removed in one go.

Do the same with the other half.

Now you have got perfectly peeled kiwi with a simple and easy trick. You can do the same with mangos.

Cutting a Banana

Because cutting a banana can be messy and easily smashed when trying to cut it, give this trick a try.

Stick a sewing needle or pin into the banana and then just take the sewing needle and push it through one of the corners and then just slide it on the inside of the banana. And then, just move it down a couple of centimeters and do another cut, and then move it down a couple more centimeters and make another cut again and you continue all the way down to the spine of the banana until you get to the bottom. You will get what appears to be a pre-cut banana. When you open it, it will be cut into slices.

Cutting a Bell Pepper

Chop off the bottom and then the top of a bell pepper. Make a cut down the side of the pepper so it turns into a long strip. When you will roll it out enough, fit the knife inside to carve out the core and seeds.

Then you will get one large piece of pepper which you can cut into smaller pieces without the mess of seeds around you.

Removing Potato Skin

Take raw potatoes and score them around the width about half way with a knife. Then, place them into boiling water. Remove the potatoes when they are boiled and then you will be able to remove the peel without any effort.

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