Miracle Drink of 3 Ingredients for Treating Lung Cancer and Several Other Diseases

Our brain and body have many benefits from the magical drink prepared with apple, beetroot and carrot. This drink was discovered by Chinese herbalists who say that it is helpful in treating lung cancer and several other diseases. Its numerous benefits made this drink popular throughout the world. You only need apples, carrots and beetroots and a juicer. The drink has to be consumed immediately after preparing.

There are no strict rules of preparing the juice. It can require more carrots or apples, according to your taste, but you will get the best out of the juice if you combine equal quantities of the ingredients. Instead sugar, it is better to add lime juice.

Miracle Drink of 3 Ingredients for Treating Lung Cancer and Several Other Diseases

Why is this drink so effective and powerful?

Apple is rich in vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K, including nutrients like folate, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and iron. Also, apple includes many antioxidants which can save a life.

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, and K, along with niacin and pantothenic acid. It also includes minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. You can gain maximum advantage from the carrot when is in juice form, than it eaten directly.

Beetroot is famous as a vegetable that can prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, C, B-complex, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and several anti-aging agents.

The combination of these three ingredients will give your body all the needed nutrients for the day. Also, the juice will give the body long lasting benefits.

These are some of the advantages from this juice:

– This drink was offered to lung cancer patients. They needed to drink it for 3 months continuously, after which these patients have healed completely from this serious disease. Not only lung cancer, but this juice can treat all types of cancer by limiting the cells growth that lead to cancer.

– This juice is excellent for keeping the kidney, liver and pancreas healthy and protects them from various problems. It also helps in strengthening the heart and lungs.

– Beetroot is known as a vegetable that keeps the heart health, whereas the carrot is known to promote heart health with compounds like alpha and beta carotenes and lutein. When the benefits from these two vegetables are mixed with apple, the combination helps in keeping the cholesterol levels down and controlling the blood pressure.

– Many people say that this amazing drink helps in keeping the skin spotless, without pimples and wrinkles. Only one glass of this drink daily will give you younger and fresh skin.

– This juice improves the digestive system and protects stomach health from ulcers, controls the bowel movements and relieves chronic constipation.

– This drink gives the brain all necessary nutrients, increases brain memory and helps in proper brain functioning.

– The drink is recommendable for people who work on their computer all day, which can cause dry eyes, irritation and tiredness.

– This drink improves the immune system and protects the body from different allergies. It can even help in curing any sort of throat infections.

– It is a miracle drink that detoxifies the liver and cleans blood, thus helping in growth of red blood cells production.

– This drink can help women with too much pain during menstrual cycle. It can relieve any pains and cramps, including pain from physical activities.

– If you are trying to lose some weight, this drink can help you. It will give you the necessary energy without putting on additional calories.

Taking this drink on an empty stomach is advisable in order to get maximum benefit from it. Taking it too early in the morning and one hour after its consumption, people can continue with their regular breakfast.

However, if you like, instead consuming the drink once daily, you can take this drink twice a day, in the evening before 5 pm.

It can be consumed one month constantly or even 3 months in order the drink works effectively. Make the drink part of your diet to get benefit for longer duration.

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