Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia – Be Careful What You Buy (VIDEO)

A shocking revealing disturbs the world these days. After the media reports of fake eggs in China, another ‘brilliant invention’ follows. It’s rice! Local media in Asia reported that the artificial rice originates from China, but other sources claim that it was first noticed in Kerala. This rice was later distributed to India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

This new kind of rice is made from plastic, so you need to be very careful and read the labels carefully before you buy any product.

The worst thing about this rice is that it comes mixed with normal rice and may be found in some famous brands. This makes it difficult for the costumers to spot the fake rice and avoid it. Some consumers say they have had digestion problems and have experienced stomach issues after consuming a serving of plastic rice.

Video source: RT

As experts explain, this artificial rice contains a combination of several kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes and resin, known for its toxic effect on the gastrointestinal system. This fake rice was first noticed in Shaanxi and Taiyuan, and ti’s sold on the market for for quite a long. It looks the same as regular rice, and people cannot see any bigger difference.

Video source: Vivien Huang

Before you consume the rice you have bought cook it and you will  know whether it is plastic.

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