Pomegranate: Protects and Unblocks Your Arteries and Fights the Biggest Cause of Death in the World

Can a pomegranate stand against the biggest cause of death in the world – heart disease?

This amazing fruit gives our mouth and gums dry, wrinkling mouth feel. That effect is caused by shrinking and disinfection our mucous membranes.

Our mouth and arteries are associated with the same cell type – epithelial cells. The amazing cleansing feel in our mouth is similar with the circulatory system feeling.

Pomegranate Open

A remarkable study included ten atherosclerosis patients and measured their carotid arteries one year before they add pomegranate juice to their diet. One year later, the plaque clogging in their carotid arteries was decreased up to 30% and the disease process was reversed up to 39% in one year.

Other benefits are 130% increase in examiners’ antioxidant status, LDL susceptibility to oxidation reduced for 59 % and systolic blood pressure reduced for 21% during the first year.

But, that’s not all…

Pomegranate has therapeutic powers in over 80 diseases or disease symptoms. Here are some more highlights for cardiovascular health:

–  High Blood Pressure (Hypertension):

Pomegranate helps in lowering the blood pressure thanks to its ability to reduce Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme. Also, backing up the plaque in the arteries helps removing the heart burden. Another way to disburden heart is its ability to increase nitric oxide production in the artery, which improves its ability to dilate.

Fighting Infection:

Although people often ignore it, cardiovascular disease is related to infection. That’s why dentists often prescribe antibiotics after some dental work because bacteria are released into the circulatory system.

Pomegranates have powerful antiviral antibacterial properties relevant to initiation and progression of cardiovascular disease. Pomegranate’s properties fight these infectious organisms:

  1. Avian Influenza
  2. Candida
  3. Escherichia Coli
  4. Hepatitis B
  5. HIV
  6. Influenza A
  7. Poxviruses
  8. Salmonella
  9. SARS
  10. Staphylococcus auerus
  11. Vaccinia virus
  12. Vibrio (Cholera) virus

Pomegranate was kept as a sacred fruit in many cultural traditions over the world. It was perceived as a symbol and source of fertility and regeneration.

It is amazing how Nature provides a source of nourishment and a medicine of quite powerful therapeutic properties for heart health.

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