Remarkable Discovery! This Plant Successfully Treats 75% of All Types of Cancer within Only 14 DAYS

The first results of this plant can be seen within two weeks. The whole tumors disappear within 25-30 days.

Blushwood, which takes its origins from the north of Queensland, Australia, includes extraordinary medicinal properties that are believed to help fighting the tumor in the near future. This plant’s traits were scientifically examined for eight years and showed surprising data.


In this research participated 200 animals, which were artificially induced with tumors of the neck and melanomas. The application of the extracts from the berries of this plant cured the tumor in 75% of the cases. None of the tumors reappeared afterwards.

Compounds in Blushwood berries direct the blood flow from the infected tissue and so boosts the immunity of the organism to decompose the tumor and destroy the tumor cells.

Scientists say this drug has no side effects. Also, the first effects are noticeable within 2 weeks, and the whole tumors disappear within 25-30 days.

Unfortunately, the Blushwood plant has its limitations. It is difficult to grow in areas outside the northern Queensland.

However, these are other plants that have very similar effects on tumors such as:

Hemp oil A month of use

After four years of chemotherapy, the organism of a man from Croatia was destroyed. When he started using hemp oil, his life was changed.

After a month of using it, he literally spit the tumor through his mouth and solved his problem forever. Cannabis oil really does miracles and cures cancer. This can be confirmed by millions of people all over the world who also used this oil and found their cure.

Carrots – 8 months of use

A woman named Ann Cameron succeeded in curing colon cancer in the fourth phase by drinking only carrot juice. Also, she did this without any changes in her diet, radiation and chemotherapy.

She was recommended chemotherapy by the doctors, despite the fact that it couldn’t extend her life. Ann refused and started to study alternative methods of medicine. She started to drink 2 pounds of carrot juice daily.

After eight weeks of drinking carrot juice on a daily basis, CT scan showed that her cancerous tumors have stopped growing. Two months later, the existing tumors continued to reduce, and there were no swollen lymph nodes and no new tumor cells.

Four months later the cancer was completely gone and the swollen lymph nodes were back to normal. The cancer was completely gone after 8 months of drinking carrot juice. Amazing!

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