Replace Refined Sugar with This and Look 10 Years Younger

We already know that smoking and too much exposure to sun will age you faster. However, there is something else that accelerates aging.

It is sugar that has the ability to drain years from your life. It is your enemy and is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Also, it has the following effects:

– Represses the immune system

– Raises blood sugar

– Disturbs mineral balance

– Disrupts digestion

– Triggers tooth decay

– Causes obesity, heart disease, food allergies, and depression

– Increases the risk of certain cancers

Sugar has to be avoided at all costs because it is highly addictive substance that causes chaos in the body.

Replace Refined Sugar with This and Look 10 Years Younger

What has Cleopatra taught us?

Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen bathed in milk and honey, but she also combined cream and honey to nourish and hydrate her skin. Try her secret by mixing 2 tablespoons of organic cream with 1 honey tablespoon. Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, wash it off with lukewarm water.

What does science say?

Honey is real a healing gift from nature, and is rich in these medicinal properties:

Hygroscopic property

Honey has low water content, but it absorbs moisture when exposed to air. Honey is highly beneficial to dry skin and speeds up the healing of wounds.

Antibacterial property

Glucose oxidase, a vital component in honey is an enzyme that creates hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the main reasons why honey has powerful antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Hydrogen peroxide is the reason why honey is capable of killing bacteria and healing wounds.

What is the difference between honey and refined table sugar?

Both honey and sugar have sweet taste but why don’t they have the same effect on the body?

Although honey and sugar contain glucose and fructose, there are chemical differences in the way these sugars are connected together.

When table sugar is extracted from sugarcane and later processed, the components like the proteins, nitrogen elements, and enzymes found in the natural sugarcane are destroyed.

On the other side, honey is a natural sweetener and minimally processed, full with antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics.

Unlike honey table sugar does not include any vitamins or minerals.

Here is how you can reduce your sugar intake:

Stress, hunger, boredom, etc makes us crave sugar. Try to consume nutrient dense food. A well nourished body wants less sugar.

Start the day with a savory breakfast that contains healthy saturated fat that will keep the sugar away. For instance, choose a bowl of oatmeal with real butter or cream instead dry cereal or a bagel.

Try not to consume any sugars for five days, read the labels carefully, because many foods are full with sugar. It is not easy, but your body will be thankful.

Although many people think that artificial sweeteners will help with their sugar cravings, but it makes it harder to quit and encourage you to eat sugar loaded foods. If you want to sweeten some food, use coconut crystals, raw stevia or raw honey.

Replace sugar with raw honey and you will soon notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin.

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