She Brushes Her Teeth with Charcoal. Weird?! More Like GENIUS!

Ellko, beauty guru tries bizarre and interesting beauty hacks to see if they really work and her videos can be found on Youtube. In this rendition of “Fail or Holy Grail,” Ellko tries the ”Charcoal Teeth Whitening”. She puts charcoal on her teeth, and brushes them for 5 minutes.

If you are asking what is ”Activated charcoal”, it is a substance that is used to treat certain types of poisonings, bloating and intestinal gas. It is relatively cheap and you can find it at your local health store. It is also been said to be a natural remedy for stain removal, from tea and coffee. The question is… Can it remove stains on our teeth?

Find the answer in the video below…

Image and video source: Ellko

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