She Puts a Single Ply of Tissue On Her Lips. The Reason? You Will Want to Try It Right Away!

How do you stain-proof your lipstick?

All girls want their lipstick the way they see it before going out, instead getting it on the wine glass. Here is one trick you can use to stain-proof your lipstick and have it on your lips till the end of the party.

You will need a single ply of tissue and some dusting powder. So, all you need to do is put the tissue over your mouth. Make sure that you hold it along the shape of your lip. Then, apply a good dab of the talcum powder.

Take the tissue off and you can reapply your lipstick over this. You can be sure that it won’t stain.

If you want to ensure this trick is effective, you can press a tissue on your lips and see if there is any lipstick stain.

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