She Puts an Egg in a Glass of Water. The Reason?! Brilliant!

We all have eggs in our fridge. In most cases, eggs are the food we reach for when having time only for a quick breakfast, but also they can be an inspiration for small gastro-artworks.

Now, scientists have different opinions on the bad and good effects eggs have on the body.

She Puts an Egg in a Glass of Water. The Reason.Brilliant

How to test if the eggs in your fridge are expired or they are still good to eat?

This small trick saves the digestive system from undesired problems. To perform it, you will need only a few seconds.

Fill a bowl with water and put an egg in it. This trick will show how old the egg is.

– The egg is still fresh if you put it in water and it sinks and stays horizontally on the bottom.

– If after putting the egg in the bowl it tilts up halfway, it shows that the egg is one week old.

– The egg is three weeks old if in the bowl filled with water the egg comes on the surface easily.

Additional Tips Test Eggs for Freshness

Fresh eggs are much easier to separate and are the best to use for poaching or frying. Fresh eggs have rounded and plump yolk and an inner ring around it that looks like gelatin. It also has an outer, thinner ring of white.

Medium fresh eggs do not have such a characteristic double ring of white as the fresh eggs. However, they are good for omelettes, scrambling and baking.

Stale eggs are all flat and flabby and are not good for anything.

Why this method is accurate?

Eggshells are very permeable. After a while, air passes through the shell into the egg, and its shelf life weakens as more air passes through the shell. Also, the egg becomes more buoyant with the more air that passes through the shell.

Video and image source: BBCFood

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