She Tells Her Grandma That She’s Just Been Cheated On So Grandma Tells Her To Do This

After a young woman discovered she had been cheated on from her husband, she felt distressed. She was dealing with many problems and wanted to give up. Then her grandmother took her to the kitchen where she filled three pots with water and brought them to a boil on a high fire. It the first pot she put carrots, in the second eggs, and in the last there were coffee beans.

After 20 minutes, the grandmother turned off the burners. She took out the boiled carrots, eggs and coffee beans and put them in different bowls.

The grandmother asked her niece to feel the carrots and she noted that they were soft. Then, the grandmother asked her to take an egg and break it. At the end, she asked her niece to sip the coffee. Then the granddaughter asked what did all of that mean?

The response of her grandmother was that all of these ingredients faced boiling water and each of them reacted differently. The carrots were hard and strong, but after they were boiled they became soft and weak.  The eggs were fragile, but after the boiling they became hard. Finally, the ground coffee beans were unique and changed the water after boiling. “Which one are you?”, the grandmother asked her niece. She wanted to know how her granddaughter would respond to the troubles.

The carrot seems hard and strong, but it can become soft. Is she like the egg and with the chance to become bitter and tough after a death, breakup or financial problems?

Or is she like the coffee bean? It frees its fragrance and flavor when boiled and changes the water color. Does the woman get better and change the situation when things in her life are bad?

I hope we all can be like the coffee. Not every single person is happy, but we should make the most of everything that comes along our way. Let go of the past, of your heartaches and failures if you want to have a brighter future.

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