She Was Baking Bread Every Morning. But This Time She Broke with Tradition and Did Something That Will Melt Your Hearts!

Don’t you love watching old married couples? As they hold hands while walking, occasionally looking at each other with a tender expression, they seem to radiate love. It makes you wonder if it’s possible for you to achieve that kind of happiness in marriage.

What follows is a short story for a long and happy marriage you must read!

On the day of their 30th wedding anniversary, the wife, as usual, was baking homemade bread.

She was baking bread every morning; it was kind of a tradition for them. The woman cut two slices of bread and coated them with butter. As usual, she took the middle part and gave it to her husband, while she kept the crust for her.

Then, she thought, today, when we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. I want to have the middle part of the bread for breakfast. I dream about it all this time. I was a submissive wife for 30 years and raised our children to be good people. I have put so much effort for the wellbeing in our family.

She decided to give her husband the crust, but her hand shook as she ended a 30 year old tradition.

The husband took the crust and told her wife: You gave me a wonderful present today, darling. I like the crust a lot, but I haven’t had it for breakfast for 30 years because it if fair for you to get what you like the most. Thank you!

Having such a happy, successful marriage is possible when you choose to be completely devoted to your spouse.


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