The Best Kept Hair Secret: DIY Hair Mask for Strong and Healthy Hair

If you are tired of weak, damaged and breaking hair, maybe you should try this aloe vera recipe. You can prepare it in the comfort of your own home.

It is time to stop spending money on some expensive hair products that you are not very satisfied from and try on this simple recipe. The only thing you need is an aloe vera plant and a few kitchen utensils.

Aloe VeraMaybe you have already heard about the wonders of this plant. The best thing about it is that it is natural. Aloe vera supports new growth of hair and also helps removing dandruff. It contains many healthy nutrients that make hair beautiful and strong. Aloe vera hydrates the scalp and hair so it isn’t frizzy and dry. People use it for centuries and it is not only good for the hair, but also for soothing cuts and burns.

To prepare this hair product you will need: an aloe plant, knife, blender, bowl and a strainer.

Follow these steps:

– Cut several aloe leaves. You will need only 2-4 leaves. The number of leaves depends of your hair length.

– Remove the moist substance by scraping the inside of the leaves and put it in a bowl. After you get all the jelly-like substance of the leaves, put it in the blender. Don’t need to add water.

– After you are done with the blender, pour the substance in a bowl through a strainer.

– After washing your hair with a regular shampoo, rub the aloe vera mixture through it thoroughly. Leave it on your hair and scalp for five minutes.

If you keep up with this homemade aloe vera hair product, you will notice the results very quickly. Your hair will be shiny, strong and dandruff free.

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