The Perfect Guide to What Color Eyes Will Your Children Have

Having a child is a God’s gift. However, parents have a lot of questions about their baby. They want to know how their baby will look like, whether their baby will have a small or big nose, and whom it will take after.

In this article we will give you some information which you can use to predict the eye color of your child.

Eye color chart

Some body parts are not completely developed at birth, and some of those body parts are the eyes. A newborn cannot open his lids if he is very premature and he will spend his time sleeping.

The genes of the parents, grandparents and so on affect the eye color of the newborn. Six or even more genes determine the eye color. Dominant genes are the ones that make the eye color dark. The more quantity of dominant genesis, the darker the eye color is. Brown eye color is the most common and half of the world’s population has brown eyes.

The Perfect Guide to What Color Eyes Will Your Children HaveModern science can predict what physical characteristics your child will inherit from you, and all this information is encoded into your genes. The eye color chart above will show you the color of your future child’s eyes.

Melanin is responsible for the change in the baby’s eye color

Melanin is produced by the cells known as melanocytes. Melanin is responsible for the changing of the baby’s eyes color. When less melanin in the iris is present, the eye color is bluer, whereas the more melanin in the iris is present, the darker the eye color is.

When a child is born, his amount of melanin may be lower than later. When the child is older, his eye color is darker. This happens because he contacts sunlight more frequently. Then his skin and the iris become darker.

When a baby’s eye color is completely developed?

A child’s eye color will be changed quite often before he gets the age of three. Some people’s eye color can be changing even when adults.

Genetics have the most important role in determining which eye color the child has. Of course, the eye color of your child depends on you, your spouse and genetics. All parents base on their eye color, so that is how they predict their baby’s eye color. Rarely happens baby’s eye color to be different from that of its parents and grandparents.

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