These Are the Signs That Someone Is Trying to Manipulate You

There are people that look for other people that can use just to advance their agenda, whatever that may be, through whatever means possible. These people are manipulators. They try to manipulate by playing on other people’s feelings. It is sad and sounds awful, but this type of behavior exists.

Usually, manipulators show signs that can potentially reveal their capability to manipulate. Here are some of these signs:

These Are the Signs That Someone Is Trying to Manipulate You
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1. They have manipulated other people before

Have you or somebody else ever caught this person in a lie? Does this person have a normally negative attitude? Also, does she/he spread rumors or gossips other people?

This kind of people are egoists and often think they are smarter and better than anyone else.

Be attentive of manipulation by these people and stay cautious in your dealings with others. Stay confident and always be positive and encouraging to these people. It can change their perspective and behavior.

2. Manipulators move fast

Such manipulators use sweet talk and a phony interest just in order to build trust and create a bond. They only seem worried if someone of something is on their way to the desired outcome. Desired goals are all they are interested in and thus struggle with keeping the right kind of associations. Also, they care what other people think in order to have control.

3. They can play with other people’s emotions

The manipulators’ tool is seduction – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. These people like to play on heightened emotions to engage you in behaviors that benefit them. At first, they make a fun and exciting company, and then they change the focus of the relationship onto them and their needs.

4. They have an impatient behaviour

These people don’t like being delayed at anytime, anywhere, for almost any reason, and will manipulate any situation just to come out on top.

Their impatient behavior is a characteristic that starts to develop from early childhood negative experiences, misunderstanding the nature of self and others, and a constant sense of insecurity.

Manipulators prefer to control the situation. If not, they become angry, annoyed and frustrated. The best thing you can do about this behavior is to be polite but direct.

5. They can portray you as the bad person and even make you believe it

Emotional manipulators can make you look like the bad guy, and twist their words to fit any agenda. You might start believing that you have done something wrong, but in reality, you have become a victim to their awful plan.


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