This 2 Minute Video Will Teach You a Simple and Effective Way To Save Yourself From Choking To Death

Maybe once in your life have experienced choking or have thought about what is going to happen if you are choking and all alone?

Thousands of people unintentionally inhale food while swallowing and die from airway blockage every year. The abdominal thrust pushes the air out of the lungs and drives the food out from the throat. This method has been used numerous times to save lives. But what is going to happen if you are choking and nobody’s around to help you?

People advise performing an abdominal thrust on yourself. You can do it by thumping your diaphragm with your fist. Other people advise to straddle a chair.

Save Yourself From Choking To Death

Red Cross First Aid Tips:

– Press your abdomen against a firm object

If you are choking and there is no one around, bend over and press your abdomen against a firm object, like the back of a chair, the kitchen sink, or a railing.

Be careful not to bend over sharp edge or corner that can hurt you, or leaning on an elevated rail.

– Give yourself abdominal thrusts

Another thing you can do is giving yourself abdominal thrusts using your hands.

– Move a big amount of air in a short period

However, Jeff Rehman, who is a firefighter and medic, suggests something else. According to him, the best way to remove an object from your throat is to move a big amount of air in a short period of time.

This is what you need to do:

Get down on your knees and get into a push-up position. Next, thrust your arms up, stretching them in front of you. Then, fall to the ground. This way you will push the air from the lungs and hopefully remove the foreign object upwards and out of the throat.

Moreover, Jeff says that this maneuver should not be done by pregnant women.

Also, women with large breasts should do this instead:

Take a couch pillow or other solid object and throw it on the floor in the area of where your ribs meet. Push yourself on the pillow, or the other chosen object as hard as you can.

Jeff says that nothing that you will do when choking is 100% effective, but it is enough to know this maneuver because it can save your life.

Video source: WeirdWorldTv

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