This Family Grows 6,000 Lbs of Food on Just 1/10th Acre – Learn How They Do It!

Have you ever thought about growing your own food? It is possible and it can become very popular in the future.

People, throughout the human history, have managed to feed themselves, either by fishing, hunting, gathering or farming. But today, with increased food production, gardening is often only a hobby. But growing your own food could mean increased security, health and enjoyment.

Growing your own food usually means moving to the country, plugging the fields, cultivating the crops, harvesting the bounty for your table. But this is not the case with the Darvaes. Nowadays, more and more people turn to their own backyards to create urban farm.

There is one family in Los Angeles, the Dervaes that grows their own food successfully. This family lives on 1/10th of an acre, managing to take care of a sustainable and independent urban farm with animals.

They produce nearly 4,300 pounds of vegetables, 900 chicken eggs, 1000 duck eggs, 25 lbs of honey, and pounds of seasonal fruit. And all of this is produced in a year. On their farm, there are over 400 species of plant. In fact, they have everything they need.

The food they do not eat is sold. This family generates around 20 000 dollars a year. Today, local organic food is very popular and thus they have no problems of selling their food. Their products are even bought by restaurant chefs.

The family’s electricity bill is up to $12 per month. The little electricity they use is generated by solar panels. In addition, they spend even less on gas. They provide themselves with their own recycled gasoline, which actually is used cooking oil, thanks to local restaurants who deliver it to their front door.

Video and image source:  FoodAbundance

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