This Guy Takes A Lighter And Holds It Under His Key. The Reason? Brilliant!

Having a spare key on hand is the best way to make sure you will never be locked out of something. The process of making your own spare key is even easier than before with this DIY trick. Also, this process includes doing some recycling.

The following trick is perfect for smaller, more delicate keys or keys to things you need but aren’t as important as the key from your house.

Here is the trick that will help you make your own emergency spare key:

Start by holding your original key over a flame. If you are worried about burning your fingers, you can hold it with a pair of pliers. When the key gets a nice black coating like this, place it down somewhere cool.

Next, you need to take a strip of tape and stick it onto the key to take a print. Carefully peel it off and you should have an exact copy of the key.

Next, you take out the lid from a can of food and lay it on the table. Then, take you tape and stick it onto the lid. Then, using a sharp pair of scissors carefully cut out the key. Do be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp metal and make sure you are nice and accurate, otherwise it won’t work.

When you are done, hold the new key up against the original one, you can see it is exactly the same. Try the new key. It may take a little bit of waddling, but you will see it works just fine. This key is quite a lot thinner than the original one, so do be careful with it. You don’t want to bent or snap it.

And, if there is any black left on the original key, you can clean it off with a piece of paper.

Video source: DaveHax

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