This is How You Can Detox Your Lungs Completely with These 5 Herbs

Even the most exceedingly nicotine addict realizes that nothing is more awful for your wellbeing than tobacco smoke, but how to stop smoking? Some natural quit smoking herbs can make the procedure of stopping simpler and lessen the withdrawal manifestations that accompany quitting cigarette smoking and other nicotine addictions.


Mullein is a great herb for lungs clearing. Its leaves and flower can be used for soothing nasal passages. Is has been used as an herbal remedy for respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

This herb can be taken as tea, smoked or added to oils and ointments. It clears the lungs even when smoked, but only in small doses. Mullein contains saponins, a compound that can break down the mucus in the lungs.

This is how you can prepare mullein tea:

Add 1-4 tea spoons of mullein tea, depending on the amount of water. Steep the leaves not more than 10 minutes before drinking.

This is How You Can Detox Your Lungs Completely with These 5 HerbsLungwort

Even its name says it’s good for the lungs. This herb is also known as pulmonaria and it is popular in medicine since 1600’s. It helps producing more serous mucus in the body, which is a body liquid helping with digestion and respiration. Thinning out the phlegm, creates an ease to clearer breathing.

People struggling with bronchitis, asthma and other serious respiratory diseases use this herb. Also, it is good at fighting bacteria in the body and boosts the immune system.

Take this remedy as a tea. Put 1-2 teaspoons in one cup of water or add more if desired. Steep for a few minutes and drink it a few times a day.

Licorice root

This is an incredible tea. Maybe you won’t like its taste with the first sip, but after a moment you will be overwhelmed with sweetness. Licorice is excellent for lung detoxification and relieves irritation. It has antibiotic powers that kill bacteria and viruses in our system.

For having this tea, you won’t need any sugar because it’s already incredibly sweet. Add as much of the herb as you like to boiling water.


Tussilago farfara is another name of the coltsfoot. It looks like little dandelion and you must be cautious because it can be toxic if not taken properly. Its leaves have been used to treat colds, coughs and other sicknesses for centuries.

If is very helpful for smokers when trying to quit. Also, it helps in soothing of bronchitis, colds and pneumonia.

Prepare the tea with mixing its leaves into a boiling water and steep for up to 10 minutes.

Indian tobacco

It is known as Lobelia Inflata and has been used by the Natives for centuries to treat different respiratory diseases before using it to detoxify lungs.

Lobeline is the source of relief in this herb. It relaxes the phlegm and thins the mucus in the air passages. It helps with more serious respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis.

Clear your lungs with adding a small handful of leaves into boiling water and inhale the steam for 10 minutes. Repeat the same process twice a day.

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