This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Soak a Cotton Wool in 50% Alcohol and Place It Onto Your Belly Button. IT’S INCREDIBLE!

Folk medicine has one effective method to get rid of common cold, cough, stomach and menstrual pain.

It is a simple and helpful procedure that does not involve any special efforts. You just need to soak a cotton wool in 50% alcohol and place it on your belly button. This procedure will relieve the pain and relax your body.

This procedure is a way better option than conventional drugs and it can be used for dealing with inflammation of muscles, flu or cold.

Moreover, if you are dealing with a cold or flu, soak a small piece of cotton wool in alcohol and then gently squeeze out the excess alcohol. Then, place it on your belly button. Fix the cotton wool piece with wide plaster or simply cover it with a cloth or plastic bag.

This procedure can also be used for relieving menstrual pain. You just need to lie down and gently press the cotton wool in the belly button using your hands.

For soothing travel sickness or stomach pains, use the same procedure but this time add a little bit of salt.

Can you believe that these few ingredients and simple methods can solve so many aching conditions? After discovering this, you just need to try it and believe these methods’ efficiency.

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