This is What Will Happen If You Put Garlic in a Jar. The Result Will Amaze You!

I’m sure everybody will agree that there is a specific allure of the meals prepared at home. But most of the time the most delicious meals include ingredients that are troublesome to work with.

For instance, garlic is extremely healthy and delicious, but leaves unpleasant smell on your hands when you handle it.

Luckily, Dave Hax has a little trick and he is presenting it in the video below. He peals garlic with minimal contact.

He drops the bulb into a glass jar and closes the lid. Next thing to do is to shake the jar. The peel will fall off. It seems more pleasant and fun than picking straggling bits of peel off of the cloves.

One more useful tip! In case you handle garlic there is a simple way to get rid of the smell. Just rub the odorous areas against stainless steel. The sulfur molecules in the garlic will be attracted to the steel, and your hands will smelling like they normally do.

Video and image source: DaveHax

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