This Man Takes A Pregnancy Test As A Joke. He Had No Idea It Would End Up Saving His Life!

The pregnancy test, as we all know, allows countless women to determine if they are pregnant without having to go see a doctor. But it can have another use that could be just as helpful, and even save lives.

This story was posted on Reddit by the user Cappnpoopdeck. He found his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy test in the bathroom and for a bit of a laugh he decided to try it. He was shocked when the results came up with 2 lines which meant he was….pregnant! Obviously he was not pregnant but he thought it was really funny and posted the picture on Reddit.
For those who don’t know, Reddit is a type of blog site where users can post funny pictures, articles, and videos that people vote on. Quality content gets voted to the top while the less successful posts end up in the midst of the web. This user’s post was very popular. In the beginning he thought this was a hilarious joke, but soon it turned into something more serious, and thanks to the comments he received, probably saved this young man’s life. He was told that he should test himself for testicular cancer. It turned out that he HAD testicular cancer and was fortunate enough to catch it in the early stages.

The question is why the test turned out positive?

Well, the pregnancy test is looking for something that is called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which is produced in the placenta of a woman and is thus a good test of pregnancy. HCG is also produced by men who suffer from testicular cancer.

This commonly available test is a useful aid when used in addition to tried and true methods of early cancer detection. Please let everyone know about this potentially lifesaving information!

In the video below find out what happened next to this man.

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Source: Youtube InformOverload

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