TOOTH PAIN DISAPPEARS IN A FLASH: Eliminate Toothache in 7 MINUTES Without Opening the Mouth!

Toothache is a painful experience nobody desires. In case of toothache, you must visit your dentist as soon as possible. But if you cannot reach your dentist and your toothache is unbearable, the following tips will help you to solve the toothache in just 7 minutes.

Research conducted in Canada showed that a toothache can be eliminated or at least mitigated without opening the mouth. All you need is ice cubes that you put in the crease between the thumb and index finger. Gently rub ice on the area for 5 to 7 minutes.

This segment of the palm is the place which contains the nerve endings that are associated with the center for pain in the brain that controls the level of pain in the hands and head. Rubbing ice blocks the centers, and 90 percent of the respondents who participated in the survey confirmed that this technique alleviated their toothache.

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