Turn Junk Mail Into Unlimited Free Slow Burning Firewood? Here is How…

Nobody likes the junk mail that frequently gets into the mailbox. People usually throw it immediately after receiving it. But, did you know that it can be used to heat your home?

You just need a couple of buckets, a drill with an old saw blade and your junk mail.

First, take one bucket and drill holes throughout it. Later on, when you remove water from the paper material, this is where the water is going to drain out. The next step in the process is to make sure you have a second bucket with no holes in it. Then take the bucket with the holes in it and slide it in the other bucket.

Next, fill it with the paper you’ve been saving and fill the bucket full with water.

Have the paper sit in the water overnight and the next day blend it up using the drill. It takes only 20 seconds until the paper turns into pulpy, moldy type of consistency, which is exactly what you want for making these paper logs.

Next what you need is something to press down and squeeze out the additional water out.

Your paper log is ready. It will burn for hours and hours. You can slice the log to make it dry faster or catch on fire a bit easier.

You must remember that dyes and chemicals that are used in junk mail are very toxic when burned. This means you shouldn’t cook over this source of fuel. Additionally, it can cause chimney problems. Have chimney checks and cleanings twice in a year.

Video and image source: Tiny House Listings

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