Unique Recipe: 4 Teaspoons a Day Keep Cancer Away Guaranteed!

This unique recipe is invented by the well-known oncologist, Dr. Mermersky, who successfully uses it against the worst diseases nowadays.

People who use this remedy say that its effect in the overall body health is incredible. It cleans the blood vessels, boosts immunity, cleans the kidneys, excretory system, improves the brain function and memory, and reportedly it fights against all cancer types.

The remedy is mostly used for boosting the immunity and organism revitalization after a surgery.

This recipe includes all the needed vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, proteins and carbs. That is why it improves the function of the viscera and glands, which keep the body healthy, and also it completely cures cancer.


Jar GarlicTo prepare the recipe, you need these ingredients:

– 15 lemons

– 12 garlic heads

– 1 kg of honey

– 400 grams of wheat

– 400 grams of walnuts


Put the wheat in a glass jar and cover it with water. After 10-12 hours, strain the wheat through a clean cloth and wash it thoroughly. After 24 hours, the wheat will have grown sprouts with 1-2 millimeters length.

First, the wheat sprouts are grinded in a coffee machine, all together with the walnuts and the garlic. After, you grind the lemons with its crust and you mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Start adding honey gradually and stir till you get a smooth mixture.

Put the drink in the same jar you kept the wheat and put it in the fridge. After three days, the remedy is ready to consume.


Take the remedy 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and going to bed. If you are struggling with cancer, take the remedy in every two hours.

This recipe has a positive effect on your health and rejuvenates the body because of its rich content. The mixture includes all the needed vitamins, minerals, bioactive components, carbs and proteins. It boosts the internal organs function and of the glands too.


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