The Way You Sleep With Your Lover Can Say a Lot About Your Relationship

What is your preferred way of sleeping with your partner? Do you like to stay close to him or as distanced as possible?

Body language experts can establish numerous theories on personality just by different movements of the body and behavior. In addition, those body language experts believe sleeping positions couples practice can tell a lot about their relationship. Subconscious mechanisms replace the conscious mind when falling asleep, which explains this phenomenon. It is the subconscious mind that directs sleeping positions with the partner, so the body language when sleeping can be a pretty precise system to evaluate a relationship.

Here are several positions couples often sleep in, and what they tell about their relationship:

1st sleeping position: The Loose Spoon

This sleeping position requires a little bit of space between the couple. According to body language experts, the loose spoon is practiced by more mature couples. Moreover, it is a less sexual position in comparison to the classical spoon position.

2nd sleeping position: The Spoon

Less than 20% of couples sleep in The Spoon position, which signifies the protection and safety of a partner in the relationship. The partner that does the spooning is more self-assured and expresses this trait by protecting the significant other. Also, this is a very sexual position.

3rd sleeping position: The Chase

This position is similar to spooning, but it changes throughout the night since one of the partners wants to move freely and detaches from the other. This position is also known as “prohibited spooning” because the partner that chases the detached one insists on a close relationship, unlike the wish of the other partner.

4th sleeping position: The Twist

Not many couples sleep in the Twist, although many go though it occasionally. It is an intimate and sexual position that occurs more often in the beginning of a relationship.

5th sleeping position: The Free Lovers

This is a sleeping position that many couples practice. The partners turn their back on each other and need space between them. This position expresses partners’ strong personality and their safety and liberty in the relationship.

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