What Happens If You Apply Cold Green Tea To Your Face Twice a Day? Try It!

If you are dealing with dry, peeling lips, especially in winter, here is one effective tip for you. Start using a bag of green tea to solve this problem and keep a beautiful smile on your face.

Chapped lips occur due to many reasons, such as weather change, dehydration, alcohol, licking your lips and dryness. The skin has its own oils that prevent drying, but lips don’t have any. This means you need to protect them. Split and dry lips can lead to more infections, such as cold sores, bleeding and other problems.

Green tea is the best natural remedy. Soak the green tea bag in warm water and then apply it to your lips for 4-5 minutes.

Green tea’s tannins treat the itching and burning sensation and moisturize your lips. This needs to be done each day. Also, it is important to stay hydrated because dehydration is the major cause of dry lips. Prepare yourself another cup of tea.

Try to stay hydrated by drinking more water and tea during the cold winter months in order to avoid dryness and chapping of your lips.

Moreover, the consumption of green tea offers other health benefits. It aids in reducing mental alertness because of the caffeine in it. Drinking green tea with sugar acts as an energy drink and gives you an extra mental boost during the day.

In addition, green tea boosts memory and attention among people with mild health problems. If you feel like you lack some energy, start drinking this amazing tea.

Green tea also aids to improve beauty treatments.

For instance, cold green tea applied to the face twice a day, moisturizes and tones the facial skin. Also, black tea can be used to soothe the skin after you’ve done hair removal, but also for darkening hair color.

Those of you with dense and powerful hair for an intense glow, boil green tea for 15 minutes. Cool the tea first, to be at body temperature and than on freshly washed hair apply the tea. Let it sit for ten minutes, than rinse your hair with shampoo.

Some people apply green tea bags under the eyes to get rid of the tired and puffy look. Also, it helps to reduce acne. This means green tea is good at treating the entire face as a natural and safe beauty treatment. You can also apply used green tea bags on the eye area. Caffeine will help remove dark circles.

Green tea is a product that has been used for treating skin conditions as well. When you apply a bag of green tea to chapped lips for only 5 minutes, you moisturize them and prevent the ailments and bleeding caused by dry lips.

Don’t ignore this miraculous drink because it is a safe natural beauty treatment and keeps your mind sharp and your skin hydrated.

Thumbnail image source: http://www.buzzbee.info/2015/07/28/what-happens-if-you-apply-cold-green-tea-to-your-face-twice-a-day-try-it/


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