What Your Wedding Dress Fabric Says About You

The wedding day is the day every girl dreams about. They imagine how their wedding dress will look like since they are little girls.

Your style has the power to express your personality and opinion, including your wedding dress choice. It shows a woman’s voice, style, taste, dreams, and confidence.

Read this article and you will find out what the fabric of your wedding dress might relate to your personality.

Structured Satin

You are the traditionalist type of girl and you have managed to include almost every wedding tradition into your big day. Your bridal look will remain popular for a long time.


You are an easy-going and feminine person with a simple style. Anyway, this does not mean you are not modern. You can look comfortable and sexy at the same time.


This fabric is one of the most desired on the wedding day because it makes brides feel like a Cinderella. For these brides, every celebration is a reason for shining tiaras and glitter. So, their wedding day is the day for being a princess.


You love vintage dresses, so lace is your choice of course. You are a romantic soul that has spent whole life looking for the right man. The dress for the big day is all about lace that will make others envy of it.

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