You Are Using THIS Every Day! Stop Putting Yourself and Your Family In Danger!

If you want the best for you and your family, never do this again.

‘Styrofoam’ is the name for a material called ‘polystyrene’. Polystyrene includes gases that destroy the ozone and create material called ‘polystyrene foam’. It is used in food packaging for products like take-away meals and supermarket meat trays.

Polystyrene packaging has harmful carcinogens and it has been used as containers for hot drinks and is used in restaurants and food stalls.


Containers, such as glasses and tapers are made of polystyrene and are hazardous for human health.

In the year 1988, Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education had published a survey which found styrene (one molecule form of polystyrene) present in the human fatty tissue. It was discovered that styrene can cause neurotoxic symptoms. Styrene interacts with heat and the polystyrene containers should be used only to store food or cold drinks and then removed.

Styrene is a suspected carcinogen and neurotoxin. It can cause:

  • Irritation and mucous secretion from eyes and nose
  • Fatigue and decreased concentration
  • Higher levels of abnormal pulmonary function and cancer
  • Thyroid problems and other hormone related problems

Moreover, styrene is bad for the environment as well. It needs around 500 years to decompose. Expanded polystyrene foam at sea may be harmful if ingested by maritime life.

If you throw it in the drain, it can clog it and cause flooding.

Try not to do this:

  • Use styrene in microwave
  • Make sure you don’t heat your food in polystyrene containers
  • Don’t burn it

Burning it is even more dangerous because it releases carbon monoxide in the air.

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