You Should Stop Putting Toilet Paper On Public Toilet Seats Immediately… Here Is Why!

It is good to know that public bathrooms exist, but we hope we will never have to use them. Nobody knows how many people have been there before you, making you think about the germs left behind.

However, when we have to use public bathrooms, we take precautions in order to feel safe in there, but actually we do things that increase our contact with germs. For example, the toilet paper: it is the object we need to touch and it is the source of one of the biggest germ-related mistakes people make when using the restroom.

If you cover the toilet seat anytime you are going to a public restroom, you are not protecting yourself from the germs on the seat, but you do exactly the opposite. Toilet paper is a breeding ground for bacteria, while the seats are relatively clean. Toilet seats are designed not to pick up bacteria. The curved shapes and smooth surfaces of seats are not desirable environments for germs.

On the other hand, the surface of the toilet paper is the perfect environment for bacteria and when a toilet flashes, it spreads germs all around the stall, including on the paper as well. So, covering the toilet seat with toilet paper makes you come into contact with more germs than you would without covering it.

Moreover, blowing your nose or wiping hands with toilet paper means you will spread these particles all over your face and body. Can it get any grosser?

Do you know of any other object that hides most bacteria in public bathrooms? Well, it is the low-mounted electric hand dryers. The water filled with germs accumulates at the bottom when you place your hands inside, only to get circulated back throughout the bathroom when the airflow turns on. Although these dryers are eco-friendly, they are not as healthy as paper towels.

Don’t panic when you use a public restroom next time, but think about carrying some hand sanitizer with you.

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